Reusable mandala stencils to brighten up any place

If you are looking for high quality mandala stencils to decorate your home with, you have come to the right place! We offer a wide range of beautiful mandala stencils to brighten up your walls, doors and furniture! Don’t forget to take a look at our easy to use plastic mandala stencils. They are made out of durable plastic and thus also reusable. Once you have found the right mandala stencil to fits your preferences, you can continue this wonderful theme throughout your home or workspace.

Various designs

Our beautiful, easy to apply mandala stencils come in a variety of romantic and cozy designs, such as the Yoga mandala, the Tibet mandala, the Holy mandala, the Mystery mandala, the Doily mandala and the Ibiza mandala. Each of the designs brings a different kind of atmosphere in to the room and of course you can always vary with colors in order to make your mandala painting a unique piece of art! The mandala stencils are available in various sizes, therefore you are always able to find the right stencil for your purpose. In need of some inspiration before you order your mandala stencil? Be sure to check out the many wonderful examples on our website and our Facebook page.

Mandala stencil designs

The advantages of our plastic mandala stencils

Our selection of reusable mandala stencils comes with a number of advantages. As they are made out of durable plastic, they can be used on and on. You don’t need to worry about spilling paint on the stencils, because you can easily wipe them clean and store them until the next use after you are done with them. The strength of the material also ensures the mandala stencils always stay in the right shape and do not tear. The flexibility of the plastic mandala stencils makes that they can be used on just about any surface, even in corners and on edges.

How to use our mandala stencils

Our durable plastic mandala stencils are very easy to use, as long as you know how. Be sure to always clean the surface well before adding the stencil. After that, it is best to secure the stencil onto the designated area by using some tape. You can now start painting! Use light or medium pressure and don’t add too much paint at once. As always, you yourself can choose what kind of paint you will be using when adding the mandala. By choosing water resistant paint, you can even use them outside. Some of our mandala enthusiasts have even decorated their garden walls and outdoor furniture with our reusable mandala stencils! The ‘Movies’ section on our website features a number of tutorial videos, which will teach you how to use our mandala stencils.