Mandala an ancient symbol of harmony

It’s little wonder that in an age of change, uncertainty and upheaval that we find ourselves turning to ancient wisdom and symbols of meaning in an attempt to restore a harmonious balance to both our lives and our surroundings. 

The ancient, mysterious and calming, interwoven harmony of the Mandala is a symbol that has always resonated with our subconscious. Mandala (Sanskrit) means the ‘Wheel' or 'Great Circle' and has appeared throughout history and eastern religions as a symbol of interconnectivity and quiet meditation.

The original Mandalas often incorporated ancient symbols, gods and deities and were an important tool to enable a person or monk to focus their meditation and in turn, reveal inner wisdom. 

Mandala Inspiration…

Over time, the Mandala evolved into a freer and more intuitive interpretation with its interwoven pattern coming to represent the unity of the earth and spirituality. 
The Mandala’s intrinsic, universal beauty is a symbol that requires no explanation. It invites the beholder to be amazed and still as they contemplate its cosmic patterns.It’s no wonder than that creating and colouring one’s own Mandala is one of the most relaxing and satisfying activities you can do, resulting in an extremely personalised expression that both entrances and inspires. 

Your Mandala Stencil becomes an expression of you…Mandala stencils are a wall art decor for your home!

Your Mandala and you…creativity unlimited

With eleven beautiful Mandala stencil designs to choose from including our amazing Lotus Flower mandala stencil be prepared to release your inner creative! From interior or exterior walls and windows… you can use Mandala stencils on furniture, cushions and curtains… to floors, patios..decks and even streetscapes… simply chose your combination of colours and get ready to make your mark with a Mandala stencil.Mandala stencils are lasered in Amsterdam and are made of 3mm pvc. They are reusable and that means you can use them as many times as you like to make are a wall art decor for your home!

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Sustainable, reusable and built to last….

Your Mandala Stencil is manufactured from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and long wearing they can be used where ever and whenever you want. Both flexible and easily cleaned they are perfect for any surface from flat, curved or even right angles.

The magic of a Mandala Stencil….

A Mandala stencil is so easy to use, simply:

  • Clean the surface and ensure it is free of dust or oils
  • Position your Mandala Stencil and secure the edge with removable tape 
  • Use a roller with a water-based paint to match the surface
  • If you are spraying, ensure you mask out the surrounding area with film or newspaper to avoid overspray. 
  • Follow the instructions on the spray can and wear a face mask to avoid breathing in fumes
  • Step back and enjoy the stunning result while your Mandala Stencil dries before carefully peeling it off the surface and returning it to its packaging
  • Some extra tips to ensure a perfect result:
  • Avoid overloading your brush or roller with paint or pushing down to hard as it may push paint under the stencil and blur the edges
  • If you are spraying use a couple of light coast to build up the final colour rather than try and spray one heavy coat
  • While you can use both oil based or water based paints, using a water base paint allows you to easily wipe off any spots or smudges
  • Why not work on your Mandala Stencil as a family or with friends. A Mandala Stencil created together becomes a lasting and beautiful art piece for everyone to see and take pride in. Children especially love the creativity of making stencils so include them in your project for great family fun.