Anneke Van Megen

Posted by Leonora Nieuwenhuizen
2023-01-11 13:09:06 +0100

My agency creates modern gardens Tor individuals and Companies.
Amodern design, high-quality materials and innovative plants are com
you and fulfills your wishes, requirements and your dreams.

Each project is viewed individually and no ready-made computer solutions are used, but choices made from individual wishes translated into a personal design.My passion is designing gardens. I love creating all the plants and materials that are available in the garden that the customer has already dreamed of.With more than 20 years of experience in designing and realizing gardens, no project is too big or too small. In the city or beyond!

Attention To Every Detail Erom The Big Picture To The Smallest Detail

It Is My Passion For Design And Knowledge Of Plants And Materials That Determine My Vision For Designing A Garden So That Each One Gets Its Own Character.

"It's about what's going on around you."

You experience your garden through what is around you and make you feel sheltered and secured or emphasize the lines and openness.The garden is an open space that needs to be arranged.Garden design is the way to go.This requires knowledge of trees, shrubs and plants so that everything is in the right place and still has the right proportions after many years.And the right choice of hard materials that determine the atmosphere of the garden.The dimensions, colors and textures. All this combined into a good design makes the garden what you expect it to be.