What does the mandala symbolize?

A mandala is a complex representation of the universe, with different parts of the universe representing different aspects of the Buddhist teachings. A variety of mandalas exist, and they are often recreated through painting, 3-D models, and powdered sand. Regardless of the type of practice that employs them, mandalas constitute a sophisticated instrument for developing the good qualities we need to benefit others.

Mandalas originated in India thousands of years ago as an aid for certain advanced Hindu and Buddhist meditation practices, and have today entered the public consciousness. In the early 20th century, the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung introduced mandalas into Western thought as a therapeutic tool for exploring the unconscious. Over the years, pop culture has taken the term “mandala” not only for New Age concepts but adopted it as a brand name for hotels, spas, nightclubs, magazines and more. More recently, Tibetan monks have constructed brightly-colored sand mandalas in museums around the world, to display the sophisticated culture of Tibet. So, what exactly is a mandala?


How to decor with Mandala Stencils? Read this article about how to do your own mandala design in your house. 

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