What does does your mandala color say about you? Read your colorscope!

Without reading choose your favorite mandala color then scroll down and read your COLORSCOPE.


As an activist you have the power to change the world. Both admired and loved as as a friend, you must learn to appreciate both yourself and what you have accomplished.
Choose the HOLY MOLY Mandala Stencil to enrich your home or place of business!


You are down to earth, comfortable with who you are and have a great ability to find joy in life. You don’t take things personally, you rebound from failure, and go for what you want.
Hamsa Mandala Wall Stencil is the one of the best choices for you!


You are able to gently say the things that your friends need to hear. You have a lovely smile but you need to smile much more often. You are too serious and you need to be more tolerant of failure - both in yourself and in others.


You are highly emotional and very loyal to your friends. You are disciplined, an overachiever and very serious. You have a keen understanding of the past and are aware of why things happen the way they do.
A gorgeous black Holy Mandala Wall Stencil will compliment your home or garden!


Patient and serious you do love to explore but you worry about what you’ll find. Oftentimes you’re inflexible, but the flip side is you are compassionate and loyal.
Ibiza Vibe Mandala Stencil will bring your playful side to the surface.


Grand adventures are part of who you are. You are assertive with powerful energy. People feel like they are your close friends moment after they have met you. You explore the inner meaning of life.
Support your spirituality with a large Holy Mandala Wall Stencils.

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