Best 11 Ways To Use a Mandala Stencil

Mandala means the “Wheel” or “Great Circle” and is mysterious, calming and always resonated with our subconscious. It invites the beholder to be amazed and still as they contemplate its cosmic patterns. It’s no wonder then that creating and coloring one’s own Mandala is one of the most relaxing and satisfying activities you can do, resulting in an extremely personalized expression that both entrances and inspires.

How we can use mandala?

1. Living Room: For this part of the house where we spend the most time during the day I recommend you using a big mandala, look at the design I prepared for you and chose the one that suits you the best:

- Holy Mandala Stencil 184cm x 184cm

- Mandala Flower design 116cm x 116cm

2. Bedroom: You can also use a mandala for your bedroom as is a symbol of balance and energy.

We are also offering tapestry, pillowcases and bed cover mandala with various designs that you can try.

3. Yoga studio: You can decorate your yoga studio with this ancient symbol of pace and I recommend you read this article about how to meditate with mandala.

4. Massage studio: If you own massage business and you are looking for DIY ideas to decorate your space, for sure mandala, is an amazing choice as you can custom it, use multiple colors and impress your guests with it.

5. Hotel or Hostel Decoration idea: You can use it for the balcony, lobby or even for rooms, and if your hotel is on the beach you can get very creative with your design. Take a look at our products.

6. Outdoor: We love us mandala as much as we love nature.


You can use it in your balcony or wherever you spend your mornings for a coffee or tea.

7. Floor: You can design your floor, patio or driveway in a very special way. Take a look at our examples and if you have other ideas please share with us.


You can use mandala designs for working spaces as well, like shops and offices.

8. Coffee shop: We all love a good ambiance in a cafeteria, give your clients the best experience with a magical mandala. 

9. Flower shop: Mandala is a flower, best place for this is in a flower shop.

10. Office: This can be a very stressful space if you don't design it in the right way.

11. Restaurant: People love original designs, take advantage of using an original mandala. 

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Mandala Stencil is manufactured from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and long wearing they can be used wherever and whenever you want. Both flexible and easily cleaned they are perfect for any surface from flat, curved or even right angles. You should get one because is giving positive energy and if you put it in your bedroom or working space your productivity and focus will go beyond imaginations and this will make us very happy.

Mandala is a portal to a calming and always resonated with our subconscious that you can have it printed on your wall right now. Available in Europe from Mandala Stencils, a company based in Amsterdam that wants to decorate your space with wonderful circular flowers.

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Wherever you chose to put your mandala stencil, don’t forget to enjoy life and be unique. Mandala is a decoration different from what you can find and you deserve one.

Best wishes,


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