Experience spirituality and Boho Ibiza vibe with our new mandala stencils

We proudly present our 3 new Mandala stencils!
The center of the circle represents the purity of love,
where all souls will one day unite in total peace.
This circle is where the higher levels of wisdom bloom in the purest essence
of energy you can imagine.
The light and sound of this energy is so pure, so clear,
so restful that those ready to enter,
are only learned souls who will dedicate their lives to helping everyone else.
The Circle of Life mandala stencil 130 x 130 cm
is lasered in Amsterdam and made of 2 mm PVC;
this stencil is reusable and can be used many times.
Use it on your wall behind your couch or behind your bed,
in your living room, in the garden, bathroom, inside or outside your house or
create your own yoga studio / meditation room.
The large Holy Moly mandala is easy to make,
you buy the cheapest foam roller at the hardware store,
fix the stencil with masking tape
on the wall and roll.
It is best to use latex wall paint or chalk paint.
Our mandalas are made from super durable plastic,
each Mandala Stencil is reusable, strong and guaranteed to deliver
a good result every time.
On walls, wood, stone, concrete, curtains, cushions and fabrics ...
the possibilities are endless.
Grab your Mandala template and go for it!
Go for the boho look in your home.
With this Ibiza vibe mandala you create a Bohemian vibe
your house; bring Morocco, Goa, Bali and Ibiza into your home.
The Ibiza vibe stencil 100 x 100 cm / 1 meter by 1 meter
Lasered in Amsterdam and made of 2 mm PVC;
this stencil is reusable and can be used many times.

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