About mandalas

The spiritual symbolism of
the Mandala finds its roots
in contemplative meditation.
During meditation a Mandala
is often used to focus the
body’s energy and spiritual
attention on one point.
Throughout history the inter
woven circular patterns of
the Mandala have represented
the eternal symbols of the
universe and the infinity of
the cosmos.
Playing an integral role in
Hinduism and Buddhism, the
Mandala will often contain
images of revered deities or
The Mandala’s complex and
balanced symmetry have made
it a popular concept for art
and architecture and are
found in monasteries and
temples throughout the world
providing a spiritual
foundation and focus.

With our mandala stencils you can bring this balance and spirituality into your life.

And do it yourself aspect only adds to its value. Everything DIY just feels better.

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