You start a new business and that goes slowly; and then you get people posting this on Instagram and that makes me very happy! This is Merel from World Ibiza Family...
Necklaces, handbags, dresses, boots, carpets and endless other handmade garments decorate their famous shops around the world and even the runways of Paris. No matter how much is said about this impressive family, their story is one that will never cease to amaze.

 If there’s one thing this family can’t do, it’s go unnoticed. Bright coloured rays emanate from them; it’s as if they were taken straight from the pages of a fashion magazine. And, it’s true.

The creators of World Family Ibiza, Alok and Merel, met at a time of change in both of their lives. Merel arrived in Ibiza in 1994 with her children Goldie and Asher, and Alok came a year later with his daughter Carlota. Cupid’s arrow hit them both with the magical energy of love, and taking advantage of that force, they began to travel the world. The fruits of their love, Gaya, Rama, and Karuna were born soon after.

Their passion for traveling and getting to know new cultures led them to wonderful destinations such as Morocco and India. There they spent several months exploring and buying materials from families they met along the way. Beyond the talents of their suppliers (they are in contact with artisans from all over the world: Colombia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Peru, just to name a few) what they value most are the relationships they’ve created over the years.

The name of the brand came to be after they came to the realization that no matter what corner of the world we come from or how different our cultures may be, we are just one big family.

 World Ibiza Family used our Mandala Stencils to decorate their shop on IBIZA.

Here you can see HOLY Mandala  Stencil and AMSTERDAM Mandala Stencil!


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