The Flower of Life and the large mandala wall template



The "Flower of Life" is considered one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. This is a geometric symbolic language that works with images instead of words and can therefore convey information much more directly and effectively.

The flower of life is an ancient metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. This “Flower of Life” is known in many world civilizations. She has a strong healing influence. Just looking at it or tuning in to it in meditation can bring about big changes.
Starting from one circle, then constructed by drawing circles again and again from a point on the circle, a geometric pattern emerges that looks like a stylized flower, called the flower of life.

The Flower of Life represents the energy of Unity Consciousness, the next state of consciousness that humanity is now evolving/opening into at a rapid pace; also called the new energy.
The large Flowers of Life can be used to bring unity consciousness into a room or house, to charge water or food with this energy. The core of the flower of life consists of seven circles. These seven circles symbolize the seven days of creation. By extending the number of circles outwards, a spatial figure is created that represents the eight cells of a human embryo. So sacred geometry is directly related to creation. When the number of circles is expanded even further, the flower of life is created, as can be seen in Abydos. There is also a smaller version to see, the seed of life.
The flower of life is made up of 19 whole circles, surrounded by two larger circles. The lotus flower returns as a fractal, no matter how much it is enlarged or reduced. That property can be used to unravel the geometry of the Flower of Life. The geometric figures present in the Flower of Life are most easily seen when the intersections and centers of the seven cardinal circles are connected with lines. The seven main circles thus form the basis for a grid pattern that makes the sacred geometry a lot more transparent.

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